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Our Services

Individual Coaching

We work one on one with executives and emerging leaders allowing them the opportunity to leverage their strengths, determine their goals and assist in creating accountable actions steps. Each relationship is unique and the agenda is always client driven- we work with you to support your own personal and professional development. One on one coaching can include telephone meetings and/or face to face appointments as well as the use of skills and assessment tools. Read more…

Team Coaching

Team coaching helps build and maintain strong, high performing teams through the support of each team member and the organization as a whole. Team coaching is effective at all levels of the organization and integral to creating successful interpersonal relationships, supporting corporate vision, values and culture as well as leveraging the unique strengths and skills of each team members. Read more…


Debbie Stone is now offering 3 day retreats in the Private Lodge at the Briars Resort, located just over an hour north of Toronto on the shore of Lake Simcoe. Complete with spa services, fine dining and rolling trails, these retreats are designed to allow participants to step out of the office and focus on specific professional and personal growth topics in a relaxed and peaceful setting. Read more…


Debbie Stone and Jenn Stone each lead on and off- site corporate workshops that are custom tailored to meet the needs of your organization and the participants. Stone Associates is known for leading dynamic, engaging and interactive sessions that allow for long lasting learning. Read more…

Assessments and Measurements

We work with a number of globally recognized personality assessment tools to help individuals improve their self awareness and to understand their attributes, styles and strengths as well as areas for each individual to develop.

Work Personality Index ® The Work Personality Index (WPI) assessment is a valid and reliable measure of personality that directly influences a person’s work performance and task effectiveness. Read more…

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